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The hottest four salts we offer, our "Four Horsemen" pack is one jar each of: 


"Ghost" Ghost Pepper Garlic craft salt

"Lo Siento" Ghost, Reaper, Scorpion, and Habanero Garlic craft salt

"El Jefe" Garlic Habanero craft salt

"Sriracha" Sriracha craft salt.


For a true lover of heat, this four-pack goes from mild to melt-your-face hot! Enjoy, but be warned!

"The Four Horsemen"

  • Fresh Habanero and Garlic. Kosher Salt.

    Sriracha. Garlic. Spices. Kosher Salt.

    Fresh Ghost Pepper and Garlic. Kosher Salt.

    Fresh Habanero, Ghost, Scorpion, Reaper Pepper and Garlic. Kosher Salt. 

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