Our signature “El Jefe” garlic habanero salt (Named for a family friend who inspired its creation) was concocted over a barbeque conversation about the necessity for a spicy garlic salt- so we made one!  It is a blend of salty and spicy with a touch of toasted garlic.  We purposefully leave large flakes of the toasted garlic and habanero in the salt creating a more coarse texture, and a surprising flavor profile that compliments pretty much anything. Use it as a finishing touch for any dish or snack that needs a little "spicing up."  Enjoy!

"El Jefe" Garlic Habanero Salt

  • The “El Jefe” garlic habanero salt on popcorn, watermelon, avocado, eggs, grilled proteins and veggies, and as a rimming salt for spicy cocktails.

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