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Buy a case of our Specialty Craft Salts and give them out as gifts to your friends and family, or stock up for your own personal use.


Total of 12 Jars


Mixed cases come with the following 4 flavors or indicate how you would like it mixed in order comments:

3- 3.5 oz bottles of "El Jefe" Garlic Habanero Salt

3- 3.5 oz bottles of "Sriracha" Salt

3- 3.5 oz bottles of "Bourbon" Salt

3- 3.5 oz bottles of "Citrus Ginger" Salt


Flavor Profiles:

"EL Jefe": Our signature “El Jefe” garlic habanero salt (Named for a family friend who inspired its creation) was concocted over a barbeque conversation about the need for a spicy garlic salt- so we made one!  It is a blend of salty and spicy with a touch of toasted garlic.  We purposefully leave chunks of the toasted garlic and habanero in the salt creating a coarser texture and a surprising flavor profile that compliments pretty much anything. Use it as a finsihing touch for any dish or snack that needs a little "spicing up."  Enjoy!


"Bourbon":  Smoky, salty, with a hint of sweetness.  Our "Bourbon" Salt is an amazing finishing salt meant for a lighter sweet flavor profile for grilled dishes, snacks, and desserts.  Created in an effort to produce something we've never seen before, blending out love of sweet and salty, and ofcourse, Whiskey.


"Sriracha": The “Sriracha” salt is amazing on just about anything. The salty/spicy combo of sriracha sauce and salt adds a kick to any dish or snack, without the lasting heat of a hot sauce. Developed as a finishing salt, this flavorful product was created as an answer to our love of Sriracha, because Sriracha makes everything better!


"Citrus Ginger": A great addition to any dish or cocktail, “Citrus Ginger” combines the vibrant flavors of lemon, lime, orange, and ginger with just a hint of sweetness from raw sugar to form a bright, salty profile perfect for any light meats, vegetable dishes, marinades, and sweet & salty desserts. “Citrus Ginger” was initially developed as a rimming salt for our homemade margaritas and micheladas, but quickly became a favorite amongst friends and family.  


"Ghost": For those bold enough to take their love of heat up a notch, the "Ghost" craft garlic salt offers a higher level of heat than our "El Jefe" salt, while still enjoyable as a garlic salt. Made with all fresh ingredients, "Ghost" craft salt works well as a finishing salt, popcorn salt, cocktail rimmer, or a great spicy accompaniment to any dish. We love it best on our favorite Thai and Indian dishes! Be warned though, "Ghost" is not for the feint if heart.Fun Fact: The Ghost Pepper was the first pepper to scientifically test over 1 million scovilles.


“Lo Siento”: Are you a hot head? Are El Jefe and Ghost not hot enough for you? Want to not feel your mouth? We have the solution! "Lo Siento" is named aptly because once you try it, we are sorry! This Scoville Scale-busting craft salt is made with all the hottest peppers on the planet. Fresh Habanero, Scorpion, Ghost, and Carolina Reaper peppers, along with fresh garlic make up this devil of a salt. Keep a tall glass of water on hand, you have been warned!


“Sideways”: Our newest and booziest craft salt yet! We collaborated with our local Steamboat Winery to bring you "Sideways", a rich, sweet and salty red wine salt. Great on darker meats such as beef and game, as well as adding amazing flavor to stews and sauces. Try it on chocolate! And of course "If anyone orders merlot, I'm leaving. I am not drinking any f**king merlot!”


"Honey Lavender": Sweet, fragrant and salty! "Honey Lavender" craft salt is a unique addition to any dish or cocktail. Use as a rimming salt for happy hour, or we love it on lamb, duck and fruited desserts. We even hear it makes a great ice cream topping!


"Everything": We took our original El Jefe Garlic Habanero Salt to a new level with our Everything Salt. Using El Jefe as a base, we added our own blend of the everything bagel seasoning to add a new, exciting flavor profile to all your dishes. Everything is great on eggs, avocado, veggies, chicken fish, and whatever you love to cook or eat!

Case of Salt

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